Holly Lisle’s Professional Plot Outline Mini-Course

Holly Lisle's Professional Plot Outline Mini-Course

LESSON DESCRIPTION: 5 steps and 7 lessons to creating a professional plot outline. Course includes downloadable, printable worksheets.

“Even If You Have NO Story Idea, NO Characters, and NO Experience, You Can Finish A Complete Working Plot Outline In Just 7 Lessons!”

  • If you have ever labored to come up with a GOOD way to start a story…
  • If you have ever stumbled, lost and frustrated, through the MIDDLE of your book…
  • If you have ever wondered…”How do I find an idea worth writing?”…

 Stop Struggling. Help Is Here.

In SECTION ONE of your Mini-Course textbook, I’ll give you each step to creating a quick, professional plot outline. I’ll do a demonstration, and then, because writers write, they don’t just read about writing, you’ll do the exercise in which you’ll take what I’ve demonstrated and use it to start building your working plot outline.

In SECTION ONE, you will:

  • Figure out your character.

You’ll decide on the few points about him or her that really matter—but enough to give you a place to start your story, and not so much that you get bogged down in background and never get to your writing.

  • Decide on your central idea.

You’ll figure out what actually counts in your story, so you avoid getting bogged down writing details that don’t.

  • Write your opener.

You’ll learn how to give yourself and your readers a GREAT first look at your character doing something fascinating.

  • Create your ending.

You’ll discover one method of planning out a great conclusion.

  • And rough in your middle…

You know…all those pages that used to bog you down when you couldn’t figure out what happened next?

Not anymore.

This short, simple course will walk you through one fun method of plotting your characters from the beginning to the end of your story while doing interesting things.

But that’s just the beginning.

My Professional Plot Outline Mini-Course also includes seven plot-and-conflict lessons—to make sure you create a story that is tight, fascinating, compelling…

…And as fun for you to write as it will be for your readers to read. This is a very basic introduction to plotting, suitable for both pantsers and planners—and you’ll come out of it with a plot you’ll love to write.

Upgrade to the classroom version, and you’ll be able to use the Plot Outline forum to brainstorm through any tricky bits you encounter in your project with other writers, ask for (or offer) help, and discuss plotting with people as determined as you are to succeed in writing great stories.

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